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#16 Improved 2 way sync for deleted files



I have tried using Full Sync to replace another sync
tool that I use, called Allway Sync.
One critical thing is missing in Full Sync in my
opinion - when deleting a file from a source or
destination, the action that is done by Full Sync is to
"add" the missing file, no matter if its on the source
or destination.
This is not a 2 way sync.

In my definition of 2 way sync, deleting a file on one
folder, should cause the deletion of the same file in
the other folder.

Allway Sync is doing so by storing a metadata file on
the synchronized folders, so that after the first time
a syncronization is done, it knows if it needs to
delete or add the file. This meta data also tells
Allway Sync if the files are really changed, based on
properties other than timestamp.

Perhaps what I am suggesting is outside the scope of
this project, but for what its worth - I think your
sense of user interface is excellent - its been a while
since I have seen such a nice, clean and friendly UI.



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    Doing this would also allow proper detection of files that
    are changed on both source and destination, so changes are
    never overwritten (as they are now).