How to really Sync?

Joerg Napp
  • Joerg Napp
    Joerg Napp

    First of all, thanks for the nice program.

    However, I can't find out how to sync in a way that deletions are synced as well. In two way sync mode, all deleted files are copied back from the other side, and in all other modes, we only have a sync from one side to the other, so that changes on the other side aren't respected at all.

    I think that deletions can't be monitored right now, as there is no log of the files the program once found.

    Is this a feature available right now? Will it be implemented in a later version?


    • Jan Kopcsek
      Jan Kopcsek

      right, there is nothing like that implemented yet. the basic functionality of logging synced files is already in and is used for the publish/update sync mode.

      so, in theory, you can expect that feature to be in "some day". the current problem is that no one has really time to work on fs at the moment. there are some nice changes in cvs, but it's kinda unstable as well. so... lets see when there is a new release.