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java programs interfere eachother?

  • I make backups with FullSync on an external usb2-hdd.
    Yesterday, I received a little yellow box and a yellow mark in the systemtray (next to clock), saying something like:
    java.exe (or javaw.exe): can't read 'file'.
    These were references to external usb2-hdd.

    Now I think it has something to do with MrPostman (http://www.sf.net/projects/mrpostman/), which also is written in java and runs as a service on the machine from which I want a backup.

    When I disable MrPostman service, Fullsync does run Exact backup normal.
    I only run exact backup.

    Is it possible java programs interfere eachother?

    • Jan Kopcsek
      Jan Kopcsek

      actually it's not a problem with both programs being written in java, it's the typical file lock. the same happens with outlook: the mail proggy opens the file with a read lock and keeps it open. now fullsync wants to read too and gets an error. someone reported that there is a way to handle this case silently in winxp with ntfs but in all other cases the user needs to close the locking app in order to make a backup of the files.
      the only current problem of fullsync is that it badly reports the problem to the user ;)

    • I don't think it's a typical filelock, since MrPostman is an email gateway for local POP clients, it should only lock the mailfolder and files, right? I do know, when MrPostman is running, there are files FullSync can't read which are outside the mailfolder, like normal documents.
      Some sort of java leak then?

    • Jan Kopcsek
      Jan Kopcsek

      can't really imagine it's a java problem. maybe postman keeps them open for some other reason? or is sth like the readme? i guess postman doesn't read it's own readme ;)

      mm, it seems strange that java itself generates this error as i haven't seen this before. strange indeed... lets wait a little, maybe the problem vanishes ;) (say: sorry, i guess it'll take some time till i can try fixing it as there are many other bugs and things and so on and this seems quite time intensive)