can only connect to ftp root - not dirs

  • Anton Hughes
    Anton Hughes


    looks like a totally fantastic app! Well done guys.

    However, I am having trouble connecting via ftp to the remote location.

    I can connect to the root,
    but not to

    ive triple checked i'm entering the info correctly but using other ftp clients.

    anyone else have this problem?


    • Anton Hughes
      Anton Hughes

      BTW - i'm trying to ftp to a win2003 ftp server - could that be part of the problem?

    • Jan Kopcsek
      Jan Kopcsek

      hm, interesting problem. the way fullsync finds it's base dir is the following:

      log in on server xxx
      basedir = get current dir and concat with the path in url
      set current dir to basedir

      so the problem may occur because of:
      win uses \ instead of /, but / is in the url
      win starts with C: something

      as i have no win2003 ftp server to test it with i would be happy if someone can tell my how the current dir looks like directly after logging in. is it a plain unix-like path (say /bla/bla) or something different?