IMPORTANT! - External hdd info

  • I had some weird behavior with all my external usb2 hdd - Getting Delayed Write Failure, read errors, etc (also see topic: "java programs interfere eachother")

    This is because I used the whole 200GB as one drive and it seems Windows has difficulties adressing above 137GB with some/most mainboard USB. (Microsoft knows!)
    If you use an USB PCI card and adressing above 137GB it is risky but... works
    To be safe I now use two partitions both 100GB connected to an USB PCI card.

    Thanks for listening.

    • mark84

      That sounds like M$ Windows flaw with HDD volumes ~>=137GB. Just install XP SP2 and that should fix it.

    • All computers (five) I tried had XP SP2 running. SP2 don't fix anything...
      Deep on microsoft site there is a reference for calling them for this bug, they are aware of it... It says you can call them to get a patch, or you'll just have to wait for a new SP.
      I'm not calling them, since they are aware of it.

      And now why I never ever am going to call them (real horror):
      - 24 August 1995, Windows 95 was released over here. I bought it straight away and installed (stupid me).
      - most of the hardware was not recognised and no win95 drivers were released yet by manufactures.
      - I called microsoft if it was possible to uninstall windows 95 (doh! yeah I know it is stupid)
      - Years later, problems with printing from specific application. I called helpdesk from this application, then helpdesk from printer, then microsoft.
      Microsoft answered: On 24 August 1995 you called us, so your 3 months of support are finished. You can get support, but it costs $70,- per answer.

      For most of the job I need microsoft OS, but over the years I am looking for alternative, and it's getting closer and closer ;-)

    • mark84

      Have a look at
      and read the post by tosh9iii

      so make sure sp1 is installed. it could be that your usb HDD case doesn't support greater than 137GB.

      Like my laptop HDD case on the box says it only supports upto 160GB, so it could be a hard ware thing.

      try downloading the 48-bit lba patch mentioned in that post.

      This is all of course if the HDD addressable size is in fact the issue here.

    • Thanks for the info, but the hdd was recognised as the full 200GB (186,264514923095703125 GiBi).
      For the hdd case, there is no productinfo whatsoever stating it only supports hdd upto xxx GB.
      The "Delayed Write Failure" etc, really comes from the connection of the hdd onto an onboard USB2 when using partitions >137GB (127,591192722320556640625 GiBi).

      Incompatible usb chipset, also for Windows XP SP2 - IT JUST WORKS(tm) :-((