#20 Remote window does not display daylight savings time

Fugu (28)

Running Fugu 1.2.0 (not universal) on PowerBook 1.5 GHz, 512 MB, OS

Things were fine up through yesterday. I had selected the preference for
retaining file info across a transfer (destination file inherits date, etc., of
source file). Times shown were PDT in both windows (Local and Remote).

This morning I installed Apple Security Update 2006-004 (I think that was
the version).

Now when I view files I transferred yesterday, side-by-side, local versus
remote, the local pane shows PDT (daylight savings), but the remote pane
show PST (standard time).

It seems that the timecode is being transferred correctly, but the remote
pane is not displaying it.

a) if I transfer a file with date-time Aug 2 20:25 from local to remote, it
appears in the remote pane as Aug 2 19:25.
b) likewise, vice versa. If I transfer a file with date-time Aug 1 16:30 from
remote to local, it appears in the local pane as Aug 1 17:30.
c) if I log in to the remote system via Terminal app (via ssh), /bin/ls
shows the remote files with PDT times.
d) I tried resetting PRAM; this did not help.
e) as I said before, this was not an issue yesterday. I don't think I have
changed anything else, except performing the security update.

Submitted by Mark Abajian -- msabajian@earthlink.net


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    Gee, it's been around 9 months now, and I am still seeing this behavior. Now I am running OS 10.4.9 with the latest security updates 2007-004. The Solaris 2.8 host (patched to 117350-43) to which I am connecting remotely has the correct PDT times on the filesystem, but when peering at the files through Fugu's window, I see only the PST times.