#60 First sync deletes files


After having the file path cannot be more than 260 bytes issue (see previous bug) I substed the folder to a drive to avoid long foldernames.

Then I modified the settings into the drive letter and FTPbox started it's sync. Luckily I had started in debug mode, and suddenly noticed that it started to delete the local files, instead of uploading them to the FTP.

I may have missed some notice somewhere, but... is this default behavior? Or should it have uploaded the files and was it somehow a bug in the application that it thought the files got deleted on the ftp and therefore should be deleted locally too?

Please note that this is quite a big issue - it should warn before deleting files that way, especially when it's so many. In my case I started the FTP-sync to make a cloud backup of my data... instead of that it started to delete my data ;o)




  • JohnTheGr8


    deleting the local files has been reported again, and I am working on fixing this. Like I mentioned in my other comment, files will be recycled from the new version on.

    However, even though I re-created the 'scenario' you described, FTPbox didn't delete the local files for me. For that reason, I can only imagine it's a host-related issue.

    If it's not a problem, please contact me at support@ftpbox.org because I'll need your help to figure out what leads to file deletion for you and others...

    Thanks in advance!