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FTN Applications / News: Recent posts

TinyTIC archives moved to TInyTIC sub project.

The existing TinyTIC archive directories have been moved from the main FTN Applications project archives to the TinyTIC subproject archives.

Posted by Robert James Clay 2013-08-18

Migration to new SF project user interface

The migration of the FTN Applications project to the new SourceForge project user interface has been completed.

Posted by Robert James Clay 2012-02-01

TinyTIC v0.6.1-1 and v0.6.1-2 packages

The Debian packages for TinyTIC v0.6.1-1 TinyTIC v0.6.1-2 were uploaded to the downloads section today, and the ticket for the needed v0.6.1-1 upload closed.

Posted by Robert James Clay 2011-07-23

Create ftnapps GIT repositories

Created GIT repositories each for each of the FTN applications currently hosted at the ftnapps project: crashmail, jamnntpd, tinytic, and vireq. And have one named as ftnapps.git for the web site and any other common documentation or other files.

Posted by Robert James Clay 2009-09-15

Add TinyTIC to the FTN Apps project

Added TinyTIC to the Fidonet/FTN Applications project. TinyTIC is a small, simple TIC processor that will work with any BBS software that will allow importation of a text message into its message base.

Posted by Robert James Clay 2009-03-07

Initial import of VIReq source to ftnapps.

Imported source for VI Req versions 0.10, 0.10.2, and 0.10.5 in to the ftnapps project SVN repository.

Posted by Robert James Clay 2008-12-28