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Minor bugs correction

New release 0.522 corrects some minor bugs in indexes.
Try it, you will adopt it!

Posted by Olivier Cessenat 2013-06-29

New release fixes bugs.

New release 0.515 fixes types analysis, allows for
some fortran 77 fixed format with fortan 90 statements.

Posted by Olivier Cessenat 2007-06-17

Rewrite of ftagshtml may be tested with fth.pl

This 0.513 release is the last one for the old ftagshtml programming style.
Complete rewritting may be used with fth.pl at the
same location.

Posted by Olivier Cessenat 2007-05-30

Ftagshtml comes with CGI search feature

Release 0.512 is now very stable.
It is capable to call a search CGI script, calles "getin"
that lets you improve your productivity.

Posted by Olivier Cessenat 2001-05-28

ftagshtml-0.511 released

This version proposes a CGI search on code processed by
Your code and html files must be on file:// and
cgi scripts of course on http://server.
Command line option for ftagshtml is
ftagshtml -cgi "http://server" ....

Posted by Olivier Cessenat 2001-05-04

ftagshtml 0.510 available

ftagshtml last release has arrived.
It is version 0.510 and is avaliable from Home Page.

Posted by Olivier Cessenat 2001-02-15

Ftagshtml is started.

Ftagshtml tries to set up on sourceforge.
The author has difficulties in understanding how
to set it up as a project on source forge.
You can find ftagshtml on my personal home page
at http://cessenat.free.fr/pub/doc.

Posted by Olivier Cessenat 2001-01-12