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#47 Drop box and some others



sorry to say that - but you did a great job with all the stuff, and totally fu*ed up GUI :/ (which was the case!)
It is totally unintuitive! And does not work well either.

1. Not tellin' that just simply drag'n'drop would be better, but that drop box in didn't want to appear at all. (*) - read lower.
2. Making a tree on the left for just a few selections? It uses screen area - buttons'd be better.
3. Calculate/File/Compare - doesn't work in (I saw your dd.jpg file in Help Forum - on my computer - it says all the time, that there is no such file).
4. Calculate/File/Compare - Generating file... one for each file? Huh? O.o
5. Generate checksum - NO DROPBOX AT ALL! What if I just want to add *SOME* of the subfolders? Or exclude some files. I'd like to do that in explorer and just drag it - like every other MD5 utilities do.
6. There is no overwrite quiestion - if the file exists - it just stops.
7. And in my opinion (depends on what is for one better) Instead of large no of comboboxes (when usually only one is checked) should be a modal box with them (not scrolled!), and after closing just listed, which are cheked on (and again - it would save a lots of screen area).

So..I use small MD5 program, beacuse it is *better in use* (more convinient) - even if yours is 100-times better.

What would make a difference? A drag'n'drop (or even dropbox huh) in Generete checksum file.

Oh, and there is just UNIX CR (end of line) in such file. I kindly ask for 2-bytes (windows) CR/EOL :)


(*) I solved problem by downloading 1.5.4. And ONLY when there was both 1.5.4 and running, there was a dropbox in