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fryPOS / News: Recent posts

empty database released

an empty database for version 20070919.
database version is 7.

Posted by mark 2007-09-22

sourcecode released

the source of the current version 20070919 was

Posted by mark 2007-09-22

setup 20070919 released

version 20070919 uploaded.

Posted by mark 2007-09-19

setup released

this ist the first embedded version.

Posted by mark 2007-07-03

website online

neue website online mit einer "live" demo.
new website is online with live" demo.


"live" demo nicht immer online.
"live" demo not always online.

Posted by mark 2007-04-28

Screenshots posted

einige screenshots der aktuellen version wurden abgestellt.

some screenshots from current version were posted.


Posted by mark 2007-04-27