When I Open Its weird (Read For More)

  • jack gallers
    jack gallers

    When I Open Frets On Fire (Version 1.2.512 Windows) i cant see all options and it like a split screen but i cant see the options so i can fiddle with the settings to fix the whole split screen thing, like a mirror, if you need to know, im using an Advent 7081 Laptop with SiS Mirage Graphics version driver, 1024x768  (XGA) (i used this setting during install) and 256MB or Ram. soory if you dont understand.

    • xbox360922

      That video processor simply isn't good enough to run FoF.
      FoF requires a certain amount of graphics acceleration to run smoothly, and properly.
      Most of the SiS video processors seem to not have enough graphics acceleration.
      The only advice that I can give you, is to make sure that you have the latest drivers. If it still doesn't work, then it's time to play it on your desktop. ;)