mac: darwiin? guitar? other games like FOF?

  • nick

    again, SO SORRY if this is repeat stuff.

    to the mac users, i can't get this program to run, but if i could, is there a cheap guitar out there that works on mac (with bluetooth)?

    darwiin remote is a great program that works on my machine... assuming i can get some kind of game like this to run eventually... anyone know of a guitar compatible with wiimote+darwin remote?

    also anyone know of any other games like this? i'm gonna try a couple different copies of guitar hero legends of rock software and see how that goes.

    thanks, any help is appreciated!!

    • Wilkin

      I don't know if Flash works on Macs or not, but if it does, I can recommend a couple of games (although beware of some terrible music on them!).

      If Flash works on a Mac (which I have my doubts), the "Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe" series is rather good.  If you want relatively good music, I'd recommend trying out the second one in the series.  If you like being able to see when you make a mistake, choose the third one.  If you don't like it when the music becomes quiet if you make mistakes, the second one is best.  Keep in mind that the author uses punk music in his creations, and that you won't get stuff such as Boston, Foreigner, Kansas, Led Zeppelin, or other classic rock from these games.  If you hate listening to bad vocals, beware of the song "Train Wreck by Noise Pollution" from the third game in the series.

      Otherwise, I don't know how I can help you.