Some ideas

  • nicolas

    Here some ideas to improve FretsOnFire. I have discovered this game a some weeks ago and I love it. I is really a great game. Congratulations. So :

    > I would like to choose easily a username at the end of a song. And when I play with friends, we have to re-type our name every time. Just index all names typed on the game, and after, add a functionality to choose a name with up and down arrows. That can be very good and useful.

    > I the same way, implement a real user system. On a 'page' of the game, we can see all registered users, with statistics, best songs per user, a button for delete someone ... But to make all that, I think the first thing to do is retire scores on song files, and create a background score and user system, independent with songs.

    > It have appeared me that the song directories which contain no songs (only subdirectories) don't appears in the interface of the song manager (very fun by the way). Is it possible to fix it or there is a reason ? I would like to manage my songs very precisely !

    > It is possible to choose the color of a folder (a box, ok) and add a picture on it ? If no, can it be implemented ?

    > And, finally, how folders are classified ? It isn't in alphabetical order, but why ?

    So, congratulations again. I will continue to support your project and to spread it around me. Eventually, I look to contribute a bit if it is possible, although I don't know programmation. Whereas, I'm very interested by graphics ...

    Thanks, and bye,

    PS : is some of my sentence sounds strange, it's normal, I'm French and I'm not always sure of my English.