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Beta version ready.

Ok guys, beta is coming. I've finished it today, soon the docs will be ready and targ will upload it here with specifications and one working example (calculator a-la windows).
Beta-testers needed.

Posted by maurezen 2007-07-06

Major Update is coming...

We're now working on Fresh Juice 1.0 specification implementation. In will be released within days...

Posted by Vladimir Berkutov 2007-07-05

alpha released

Now you may download FreshJuice alpha from downloads section.
Tomorrow I'll try to write some examples and explanations on how-to-use FJ.

Posted by Vladimir Berkutov 2007-07-03

pre-alpha done

I'm glad to write that pre-alpha of Fresh Juice is no done. I'm going to publish juice-files code format when the alpha version will be done and FJ source-code when pre-beta will be done.

Posted by Vladimir Berkutov 2007-06-26

Waiting for ObjectBuilder

Now we are waiting for the Object Builder. This is the one of the most important parts of our project. Coming soon...

Posted by Vladimir Berkutov 2007-06-05