#47 FreewrapTCLSH 661 on Windows: -w option for wrapping linux binaries expects ".exe"

Ted Nolan

If you are running on Windows and want to use freewrapTCLSH to create a linux binary, the -w flag does not work as expected.

Suppose your windows freewrap binary is freewrapTCLSH.exe and is in your PATH and your linux binary is freewrapTCLSH in the current directory along with your script file.

If you do

freewrapTCLSH -w freewrapTCLSH myscript.tcl

You get two files created: "myscript" and "myscript.zip". "myscript" is simply a copy of the linux binary "freewrapTCLSH" while "myscript.zip" is the wrapped files that should have gone into the wrapped binary. If you don't notice "myscript.zip" (as I didn't..) you copy the "myscript" binary to your linux host and are baffled when it doesn't do anything except funtion as a tcl shell.

However, if you do

rename freewrapTCLSH freewrapTCLSH.exe
freewrapTCLSH -w freewrapTCLSH.exe myscript.tcl

just one output file is produced: "myscript.exe". Then you can

rename myscript.exe myscript

and copy it to your linux host and run it.

So, in summary, the bug is that the windows freewrap requires the stub it uses to have a .exe suffix.


  • This bug has been fixed with the release of freeWrap 6.63. Please download the new version.

  • MMTsuchi

    By doing this cross wrapping (windows to linux), it results in 2 files :
    and _myscript_init.txt

    The file "myscript.zip" is NOT a pure zip, but IS the executable for linux. So I have to "rename myscript.zip myscript" and copy it to linux host and runt it.




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