Freevo version 1.3.2-pre2 released

Freevo is a Linux application that turns a PC with a TV capture card and/or TV-out into a standalone multimedia jukebox/VCR/PVR/HTPC/DVR/set top box. It uses MPlayer (included) to play and record audio+video. It is optimized for use with a TV+remote.

There is a new binary pre-release (1.3.2-pre2) available on's download page. It contains an important bugfix in the runtime for network access. This fixes problems with imdb and makelogos. It also adds CD playing capabilities submitted by Thomas Schueppel including CDBB album info retrieval, as well as improved display modes for images, movies and music.

The binary release includes all external libraries (e.g. SDL) and applications (e.g. MPlayer). The current version is useful for watching/recording TV, AVIs, DVDs, playing MP3/OGG and audio CDs, viewing images.

Posted by Krister Lagerström 2003-02-24