On Tue, Jun 30, 2009 at 7:57 AM, Bernard Mentink <bmentink@gmail.com> wrote:

Can I just clarify something, the pause problem is happening when you
watch TV from the TV guide, correct? I'm just asking as the code you
picked out last time would indeed not pause as expected, but that is only
used when watching recorded TV or movies.



Hi Adam,

Yes, I picked out the wrong mplayer.py, it is only when I am playing TV from the guide that I have the pause issue.


In an attempt to find more data on this issue, I have tried the latest svn version of mplayer and for good luck compiled in the ffmpeg-mt library, but find I now have no OSD at all even though I passed the --enable-menu option to configure which is meant to enable OSD.
Is there anything I have to include in mplayer to enable it to show the freevo OSD?
mplayer is pausing ok without the OSD present, which may give a clue to the problem.