#465 patch to add html5 and flash players

Freevo 1.x series
Freevo Web (15)
Anders Eriksson

Here's an rfc patch which adds basic html5 and flash player support. It's
modeled after the Video for Everybody page
http://camendesign.com/code/video_for_everybody. Even though that page
indicates that fallback to flash should happen automatically if the browser
doesn't support html5, my firefox fails to do that. To work around this I made
the selection explicit to the user.

The flashplayer needs to be configured with the full URL of the file to play. I
failed to find a good way to find that info in the code (nb. I run freewo
behind a forwarding https->http proxy, so it would have to take some client
side scripting to get at this info.) I solved this by adding a new config


The code could do with some cleaning up if we want to add it, but right now it
at least works as intended. Comments welcome. My python skills are close to
nil, so improvements in that area are welcome too.

An improvement I want to do is to use the right poster image for the movies. I
guess that means either using the cover info from the fxd, or the thumbnail if
available. Any pointer to code showing how to do that would be appreciated.

A futher improvement is to use the right width and height info. How do I get at
that info? I guess I can get it from the file (using kaa.metadata, I guess),
but I have a fair amount of fxd's which points at mp4 files on the net and I
suspect there's support funtions in freevo for this already. Can an fxd host
that info? (I could pre-populate the fxd's with that info out of band if need




  • John Molohan
    John Molohan

    Bump :)

  • Adam Charrett
    Adam Charrett

    Hi Anders,

    I'm afraid I can't merge this as it uses twisted.web.woven which is no longer part of twisted. Any chance you could modified the code to not use woven?



  • Adam Charrett
    Adam Charrett

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  • Adam Charrett
    Adam Charrett

    I had a quick look and realised that although woven is being imported its not used! So I've removed those lines and added some client side javascript to the flash code to get the location used to retrieve the page rather than adding a new config var. Would be good if you could test this last feature.



  • Hi Adam,

    Thanks for addressing this!

    Where can I find the new stuff to test? In the "files" section on this bug, I still only see my original patch. If you've pushed this already to svn, I have must confess I have not yet tested the new beta (still using my hacked 1.9.0). I need to know what the dependencies are for the new version so I can be somewhat confident in the upgrade (a failed one doesn't sit well with the family).

    If the new stuff (and perhaps also its deps) require svn checkouts, what are the tags to use?


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