#445 Need to be able to specify modifier keys in KEYMAP

Freevo 1.x series
George Kibardin

My remote is detected as keyboard so it is most conveniet to get keyboard events via pygame. The only problem is that some keys on remote generate something like Ctrl+P and some of them are unknown to pygame so there is only scancode.
Attached patch solves this problem. It allows to specify modifiers and scancodes keeping backward compatibility.


  • Duncan Webb
    Duncan Webb

    Hi George,

    Many thanks for the patch it looks good but is going to be difficult to test as it is hardware specific.

    So I have a request and that is to move the code from src/config.py to freevo_config.py. This is the normal place for configurable items and these items can then be overridden in local_conf.py.

    If you can do this, submit an updated patch I will add it to subversion.

  • Hi Duncan,

    No problem, I've replaced the patch.

    It must not be hard to test. You may use usual keyboard for testing modifiers. For scancodes you need multimedia keyboard, but, it looks like novadays it is hard to find one without multimedia keys :)

  • Adam Charrett
    Adam Charrett

    • status: open --> pending
  • Adam Charrett
    Adam Charrett

    Committed in rev 11728.

    • status: pending --> closed
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