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release 0.9-gamma1: "W A R P"

Gamma-release "warp" brings a small cheat: you can change speed of vikings whenever during the game. It's only purpose is to find the most comfortable default speed of vikings. Users' experience is being collected at

Please, download "warp" and join testing - it will help make freeVikings better.

Warning: "warp" is a testing release built from a raw snapshot of current development version. It's very unstable and often crashes. If you want to play freeVikings just for fun and don't want to take part in testing, download latest "production" release (0.8.1) instead.

Posted by Jakub Pavlík 2009-02-12

release 0.8.1: fatal bug in 0.8 fixed

A serious bug survived all pre-release tests and made freeVikings 0.8 unplayable (crashing at the beginning of every level).

This new version fixes the bug.

Posted by Jakub Pavlík 2009-01-27

release 0.8

This release is again focused on the "core" and doesn't bring any new content, but improvements in user interface and configurability are significant.

Possibly most important new feature is user's configuration file, which offers in this game yet unheard level of customisation. You can define custom directories to be searched for campaign, change placement of status panel or order of vikings.... read more

Posted by Jakub Pavlík 2009-01-24

release 0.7: "Christmas adventure"

After more than two months next release is here. It brings unusually big amount of new content.

Three vikings went hunting, but instead of a wild pig they found a deep pit with a runic stone next to it...

If you accept the invitation of a runic stone, you will see unseen places (try to find the secret ones!) and monsters and maybe even hear the voice of Thor...
(And yes, you will also find out that I wasn't able not to break the storyline...)... read more

Posted by Jakub Pavlík 2008-12-27