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Curvature Analysis Tool Problems

  • hi martjin,
    curvature at ends goes to zero even if large curvature exists.
    curvature goes to zero on middle of a curve that a panel or crease intersects even if large curvature desired.

    mick allen

    • alberto

      In fact, it does not seem to be a problem with the curvature analysis. It seems to be a problem with the geometry itself. If one tries to create a hull surface that ends with an horizontal tangent but with curvature you get a sort of a hollow at the centerline. It appears when converting to other softwares as well and that is what makes me think that is a geometry problem. The problem seem to be the impossibility of having curvature at the end of the surface. If you analyse the surface with a zebra tool or similar it would look too flat there make it look as if it has a hollow.
      Well, I'm probably not explaing myself too well. Anyhow, it may also be posible that I don´t know who to do this but I got to this problem while testing the software for yacht designing. A lot of times you get this kind of sections and the seem imposible to reproduce. Yet again, I may be wrong

    • In manual lofting it is common to extend the lines past stem post and transom.
      If "ghost points" beyond stem and transom could be added to the splines, the end curvatures were in control.

      Lauri Levanto