Straight import & export from Rhino 3D

  • Marven your software has the potential to become a 'standard' for Naval Architects but we need straight import & export from Rhino which has become the 'de facto'  modeler for NA's.
    Your straight export to a GHS model works great especially if you slice the hull closely and check it after in "Deadweight".


    Bill Hunt

    • Maxsurf V12, which is in beta test at the moment, does import trimmed surfaces from Rhino. It should be shipped to users in the next few weeks. Note that the import is using native Rhino 3dm files.

      From the Maxsurf V12 user manual -

      Maxsurf - Rhinoceros bi-directional data exchange
      Rhino .3dm files may now be imported and exported directly to/from Maxsurf.
      Full NURBS surface geometry exchange is supported as well as information such as surface colours, names and trimming.

      Marven, can you do the same in the near fjuture. Freeship + Rhino3D, a great combination.