IGES exports extra surfaces

  • Hi,

    I've been using FREE!ship for about 6 months now for canoe design (and I must say that it's a great tool!) As part of the design process, I need to analyse the hull in SolidWorks. To do this, I've been exporting the FREE!ship model as an IGES surface, which I can then open in SolidWorks.
    Now, this has been working well enough so far, although there is one little snag that's making things more difficult than they should be. If I export half of the canoe model to IGES, FREE!ship tells me that 2 surfaces have been exported. Intuitively, I would expect only 1 surface from half of the canoe. When I open the IGES in SolidWorks, it appears it has indeed broken the hull into two seperate surfaces, in a split-line sort of fashion. This split doesn't occur at a terribly convenient spot for me, which is making things difficult.
    If I export both halves of the canoe to IGES, I get 4 exported surfaces instead of 2.

    Is there any way to fix this on the FREE!ship side of things? That is, to get it to export a single continuous surface rather than one that is broken in two? Or if that's not possible, is there anyone familiar with SolidWorks who could tell me how to mend these two surfaces back together into one? I've tried knitting and related things but nothing is working for me.