Mac user?

  • Hi,
    I own an ibook with OS X 2.1. What will be the simplest and best way to use freeship?

    • Marven

      I don't think FREE!ship runs on a mac.

      • ylg

        I'm actually "refatoring" FreeShip for Mac OS (Tiger 10.4.5).
        Why Refactoring ?
        I do not speak Pascal But ObjectiveC, then Im translating the whole code from Pascal to ObjC ;-)

        Most of the math is already ported and is actually tested with a lot of success.

        Next is to rebuild a GUI that mimics FreeShip UI
        (For this task, any screenshot of any dialog, window etc. would be of a great help since I'm not able to run FreeShip on my mac...)

        Stay tuned ;-)

        Later, Yann

        • Marven


          That's very good news for the Mac users. Can you show us some screenshots already or are you not in that phase yet?

          • Still on the road of translating from Pascal to Objective-C.
            Why did I start this? First the need of such a program  for OS X; a Free Open Source Naval Cad software. Also First because of the Catmull-Rom subdivision algorythm behind the core engine of FreeShip.
            Then, because I need a interactive surface modeling tool to visualize and manipulate the result of an already Pascal to ObjC ported program: YLines by Markus Bole.

            Porting Bole's YLines i would just have snippets that produce numerical results (dimensions, weigth, area)contained in a single object. These values are constraints the the generated hull must fullfill to be elligible. This HullInfoObject is to be used by the FreeShip resulting port ASAP... to be viewed and interactively manipulated (deformed)by ones running OS X ;-)

            Later, Yann

    • Hi !
      is it possible to run FRES!ship using darwine for OS X, and how to do it?

    • Butch

      Has there been any further development of Free!Ship for OS X?  I'd love to be able manipulate the curves with bezier like handles ans export Catmull_Clark SubDs directly to Maya.  Any chance of any of this happening?  I'm not a programmer, but I'd definitely to get my hands dirty if it means the app will actually become available for OS X sometime soon.

    • any more news of a Mac version

      • It seems to run OK under CrossOver