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commit id 1825: Heap_x functions

  • commit id 1825: Heap_x functions now automatically align the start
    of the heap without using the portDOUBLE union member.

    /* A few bytes might be lost to byte aligning the heap start address. */
    #define configADJUSTED_HEAP_SIZE    ( configTOTAL_HEAP_SIZE - portBYTE_ALIGNMENT )

    Can't we taken into account if the heap was already aligned before
    instead of always sacrificing portBYTE_ALIGNMENT bytes?

    Couldn't this be accomplished by updating e.g. xFreeBytesRemaining
    in prvHeapInit() accordingly?

    Just my 2 euro cents.


  • Richard

    I answered this some time ago, but it seems my reply has not turned up in the forum.  The reply went something like this:

    The first time I implemented the change I did something like:

    if( heap already aligned then )
        basically do nothing

    but that required (in some of the heap_x implementations) a new variable because the adjusted heap size became variable rather than constant.  Therefore the RAM saving was halved, so with that in mind, plus the fact the solution was ugly (coding standard required a *lot* of casting to an from pointers), I decided just to go for the simplest solution.