Is the website wrong or dated?  There is a section about freepv-glut.exe and a dll.

btw, panotools website appears to be down ?  Do you know who is responsible for it?

> Date: Mon, 23 Mar 2009 00:21:32 +0000
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> Subject: Re: [FreePV-dev] Firefox Plugin
> On Sun 22-Mar-2009 at 19:04 -0500, Dale Beams wrote:
> >
> >i did download the source file and noticed a freepv-mozilla plugin
> >directory. Should freePV be added to firefox's addons? In order
> >for me to use it on a website i would want wide spread availabity
> >to users to be avaible without having to support them.
> There are no FreePV binaries to download yet.
> Although it has a lot of capabilities with other panorama formats,
> FreePV is currently mainly useful for Linux users who want to view
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