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Confluence plugin for Freemind

Lee Davis
  • Lee Davis
    Lee Davis

    I have started using a Confluence wiki. There are plugins for Freemind that
    convert to and from Confluence wiki markup. These work fine for me in Freemind
    but I am not sure how to use within Freeplane.

    Is it possible?

    The plugins are available at


    The project home page is at


    I just dump the files in the Freemind plugin folder and have new options on my
    Freemind import and export menus.



  • Hello,

    the freemind plug-in could be converted to Freeplane with moderate efforts.
    You can open a feature request if you want the idea to be kept.


  • By adding a couple of user macros, you can just attach your .mm files and have
    them displayed using the flash viewer. I'm using it with confluence 3. There
    is also a content extractor plugin so confluence will search .mm file

    swfobject Macro; macro has body, use unprocessed macro body, macro generates
    HTML markup

    By Martin Cleaver, wikiconsulting.com
    1. Download the swfobject.js and save it as an attachment on a page. Note the page id
    1. Save this code as a user macro called swfobject
    2. alter the javascript src to point to the right page id
    3. customize the invokeVideo macro to embed your preferred height & width parameters
    $param0 = 1835322 where 1835322 is pageId
    $param1 = moviefile.swf
    $param2 = title
    $param3 = width
    $param4 = height
    $param5 = flash version needed
    $param6 = background
    $param7 = flashvars
    $param8 = params
    $param9 = attributes
    <script type="text/javascript" src="/download/attachments/622596/swfobject.js"></script>
    <div id="flashcontent-$param1">
    <em>Couldn't display!</em>
    <script type="text/javascript">
      flashvars = $param7;
      params = $param8;
      attributes = $param9
      swfobject.embedSWF("$param1", "flashcontent-$param1", "$param3", "$param4", "$param5", "expressInstall.swf", flashvars, params, attributes)

    mm Macro; Macro has body, Use unprocessed macro body, Macro generates wiki

    {swfobject:ignored|/download/attachments/622596/visorFreemind.swf|$param1|$param2|$param3|8|#ffffff|\{initLoadFile:"/download/attachments/$content.getId()/$param0"\}|\{BASE: "/download/attachments/$content.getId()/$param0"\}|\{\}}
  • Lee Davis
    Lee Davis

    I am not sure I understand this entirely! I will have another look on Monday.

  • Lee Davis
    Lee Davis

    Hi Guys

    I am wondering how much work would be involved in progressing this one. The
    plugin files are available from


    I have a feature request in Mantis:


    The plugins work in Freemind - I just copy the folders to the Freemind plugin
    folder and I have an Import and Export menu item.

    This is to convert a MM to Confluence wiki markup, rather than having the mind
    map itself displayed within the wiki.

    Would anybody be able to advise on what I need to do? Is it as simple as
    creating an appropriate MANIFEST.MF file or more complex than that? I suspect
    the latter as I tried creating a folder structure similar to the other plugins
    and a MANIFEST.MF file listing all the jar files.


  • Lee Davis
    Lee Davis

    Except in its current form it doesn't work very well in Freemind anyway as it
    seems to ignore Long Nodes, Notes etc.

    Pity. I wish somebody could do a FP-compatible version!


  • Hello Lee,

    I'm afraid it's a bit more difficult since the application programming
    interfaces have evolved a lot since FreeMind. The old plugin mechanism was
    replaced by a completely different one. The Confluence plugin only has 1000
    lines of code so it should not be that much work but it needs Java programming