Free Pascal 2.2.0 has been released

A 32/64-bit Pascal Compiler for AmigaOS, DOS, Linux, *BSD, OS/2, MacOS(X) and Win32/64/CE; semantically compatible with Borland Pascal 7 and Delphi with extra features such as operator overloading and generics. The compiler itself is written in Pascal.

September 10, 2007 The Free Pascal Compiler team is pleased to announce the release of FPC 2.2.0!

Work on version 2.2 started in May 2005. The results of this work is now available to you.

An overview of most changes can be found in the file whatsnew.txt, included in the distribution and available on the Free Pascal web site, but some highlights are:
Architectures: PowerPC/64 and ARM support
Platforms: Windows x64, Windows CE, Mac OS X/Intel, Game Boy Advance, and Game Boy DS support
Linker: fast and lean internal linker for Windows platforms
Debugging: Dwarf support and the ability to automatically fill variables with several values to more easily detect uninitialised uses
Language: support for interface delegation, bit packed records and arrays and support for COM/OLE variants and dispinterfaces
Infrastructure: better variants support, multiple resource files support, widestrings are COM/OLE compatible on Windows, improved database support

Downloads are available at:

On behalf of the FPC team,

Daniël Mantione

Posted by Daniël Mantione 2007-09-11