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#74 UI Sounds

Geoff Topping

There are currently no UI feedback sounds on the
Research Screen, other than standard button rollover
and clicks. Some to add:
-Selecting a tech on the tree
-Clicking on the quicklinks at the top right
-Removing a tech from the queue

The Production Screen could also use a
remove-from-queue sound, but these probably don't need
to be separate / new sounds in of themselves.
Selecting stuff from the tree and clicking the
quicklinks can use whatever the sound is for selecting
stuff on the Production screen lists.

It might be nice to have an enqueue to list sound for
both production and research, but production seems to
do fine with whatever button or list click sounds are
played in the process of enqueuing, so I imagine
research would be find if there was a select-on-tree sound.

A sound for selecting stuff on the queues might also be
good, for both production and research, and would also
serve the function of a remove from queue sound (just
played twice for the double click required to remove
from queue). Could be the same sound selecting stuff
on the lists on the production screen.

It'd also be nice if there was a "play sound" button on
the options menu screen where one picks sounds... so
you can hear the sounds you're picking without closing
the options menu and finding the appropriate place in
the GUI to test it. It'd be next to the [...] browse
for file button, and would just play the sound once
when clicked (and hopefully wouldn't have the standard
button click sound itself)