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Commit [r6273] Maximize Restore History

Added code to set the initial meter values of planets to 0 before doing potential colonization test meter updating. Some conditions have target population tests which required 0 or greater, which fail on some currently uncolonized planets due to their negative target populations when without a species, even though when colonized the species would boost the target population above zero. This change artificially sets the initial population value for those planets to 0 so that those conditions will pass. This essentially recreates the effect of a recently fixed bug where unpopulated planet meter values were sent as 0 from the server even when they were negative, which hid this issue by similarly letting the conditions pass.

geoffthemedio 2013-07-27

changed /trunk/FreeOrion/UI/SidePanel.cpp
/trunk/FreeOrion/UI/SidePanel.cpp Diff Switch to side-by-side view