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#77 FleetWnd-when moving ship from single ship fleet to new flt

Ronald Nölte
Ronald Nölte

Original reported to me by Geoff:


I'd post this on sourceforge, but it seems to be down.

The fleets window is acting up again.

-Start a new game
-Click on home fleet
-Drag a ship onto new fleet (a new fleet with one ship is
-Click on the fleet with one ship
-Drag the ship from the fleet onto new fleet again
-A fleet is created that appears to have the name of
the only ship in it. (eg. "Scout")
-The new fleet is highlighted (white, not grey), and
clicking on another fleet highlights the second fleet, and
the name of the new fleet disappears (though the new
fleet is still white / highlighted).

At this point, the game will crash if you:
-Click on a fleet icon on the map (this works even after
you resign and start a new game)
-Right click to give move orders with only the new fleet
selected (so that it's "name" shows). (This doesn't crash
if a fleet other than the new one is highlighted, and the
old fleet appears to be the one that gets the orders to
move, which I can only tell because the new one had a
single scout, but the old had my colony ship, and I can
colonize another system by moving there. (I can't
actually click on the fleet icons for eitehr fleet, as that
crashes the game))

When you fix this, it would probably be a good idea to
put in some more thorough flushing / resetting of the
game data after the player resigns... (so that even if
something like this happens, it won't cause a crash after
the player resigns and starts a new game)


  • Ronald Nölte
    Ronald Nölte

    • status: open --> closed
  • Ronald Nölte
    Ronald Nölte

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    FIXED ;-P