#33 colonisation causes synch problems

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Ronald Nölte
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with two human clients on the same machine
view of the other player's fleets and planets is not
updated (one player colonises a planet with starting
fleet, the other player sees the starting fleet orbiting an
empty planet)

colonising should be done between turns to prevent this


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    Daveybaby wrote:
    Which begs an interesting question - how are you going to
    handle 2 people trying to colonise a planet at the same time?

    That was my point. Maybe we have to do colonizing at
    inter-turn level (as combat). This should be discussed!


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    in mp when both players choose to colonise the same planet in
    the same turn, the second client crashes.
    How about doing colonisation last thing in between turns?
    * no need to deal with colony ships destroyed in combat
    * newly built colony ships can choose to colonise in system
    (on second thought this could be irritating)
    * colony ships arriving from deep space can colonise
    The server could pick a random order for empires to do
    colonisation to avoid the conflict. Also the current colonisation
    UI could be used to assign system+planet destinations to
    colony ships, in which case colonisation would proceed
    I think in essence this is how moo2 did it, iirc.

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    Colonisation should definitely be the last ship based action

    w.r.t. who gets to colonise in the event of conflict.

    Dont like the idea of a random dice toss deciding it. Too... er...
    . random

    Modelling arrival times to fractions of a turn, giving prioriy to
    those who got there first would be good.

    Alternatively just have a stand-off if two ships try to colonise
    the same planet. They should both be actively trying to
    colonise in order to block each other though. What i'd hate to
    see is what we ended up with in Moo3 - if ships from 2 races
    are in-system (no matter what types) then no colonisation can
    be carried out. So if you have a NAP with a race you can
    completely stifle their ability to grow by parking an small ship in
    every one of their systems.
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