#193 Crash/Can´t open a socket when using Zone Alarm


I played the game for 37 turns. Colonized a few new
planets. Then it crashed with the following on the
command line:

1135420632 ERROR :
ClientNetWorkCore::ConnectToInternetServer : Call to
NET2_TC PConnectTo() failed with server= "localhost";
SDL_net2 error: "NET2: can`t open a socket"

and a Message Window:

Runtime Error!

Program D:\Programme\Freeorion\freeorion.exe

abnormal program termination

The game was still running, so i saved the game. After
clicking ok the program terminated. But after
restarting and loading the game the bug doesn´t appear
any more.

I run the game with Windows XP and Zone Alarm
activated. Freeorion Version 3.1-RC1.

I attached the saved game.


  • thejogy

    the saved game

  • tgrf29a

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    I experience the same problem with a Windows ME machine
    running Zone Alarm. Once FO was added to my 'trusted' zone
    FO seemed to run fine.

    Steps to replicate:
    Remove FO from Zone Alarm's trusted zone.
    Start FO.
    Begin single player game with default settings.
    FO crashes before the map is displayed

    • summary: Crash/Can´t open a socket --> Crash/Can´t open a socket when using Zone Alarm
  • Geoff Topping
    Geoff Topping

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    I had some recurring problems with FreeOrion saving games in
    pre v0.3, but they weren't reproducible. The save file
    always got written though, and could be reloaded after
    restarting the game. I'm not sure if the bug was ZoneAlarm
    related, though I did also have some major ZoneAlarm-related
    server connectivity problems before I had to reinstall
    windows (for unrelated reasons) after which things settled down.

    I'm not sure if tgrf29a's problem is the same thing as the
    original bug report. It sounds more like ZoneAlarm's
    "should this program get net access?" popup not being seen
    over top of fullscreen FO the first time it tries to access
    the net. (eg. I removed FO From the trusted zone, and
    started a game in fullscreen mode. When starting a new
    game, the game appears to hang while generating a new
    galaxy, but this is actually just it halting while ZoneAlarm
    is asking if the "new" program should be given net access.
    The actual FreeOrion program didn't crash though... just
    starting the new game failed. A minute or so later, a
    FreeOrion internal error popup appears, and informs the user
    that the net connection failed.)

  • Geoff Topping
    Geoff Topping

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    I just noticed that, after running from command line,
    playing a game and quitting without in-game errors, I've got
    90 billion of these on the console window:

    1135448760 ERROR :
    ClientNetworkCore::ConnectToInternetServer : Call to
    NET2_TCPConnectTo() failed with server= "localhost";
    SDL_net2 error: "NET2: the CheckSockets call failed"

    Didn't crash on me though...

  • Zach Laine
    Zach Laine

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    FreeOrion uses a client/server architecture, even when running in
    single-player mode on a single machine. As such, it needs to be
    able to comminucate on port 12345 (TCP), and optionally on port
    12346 (UDP). The UDP port is only necessary if you want to play
    multiplayer on a LAN. If you run with a firewall active, you may
    have problems if 12345 is not open, depending on your firewall

  • Zach Laine
    Zach Laine

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