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Project is now FreeAnalysis

We've turn from FreeOlap to FreeAnalysis as a project name, so please : use FreeAnalysis project to get the latest available release

Posted by pbeaucamp 2006-12-15

FreeOlap : Multilanguage support

FreeOlap is now I18N, using external configuration files to be abble to turn the application into any usefull language

Posted by pbeaucamp 2006-10-14

Mondrian Role Security

First implementation of Mondrian role based security

Posted by pbeaucamp 2006-10-12

Dimension and Measure Group

Using Mondrian enhanced syntax, you can group dimension and measures in groups, in order to improve user's interface

Posted by pbeaucamp 2006-10-08

Mutli Views

Mutli views is available in java package using Eclipse perspective

Posted by pbeaucamp 2006-10-08