Maybe check your bios setup. you should have an option to boot the OS without video card.

2011/9/4 Gabriel <>

I set up a FreeNAS box on an ASUS Motherboard P8P67 which doesn't have built in graphics support. I added a video card for the initial boot, and after everything was set up, I shut down and removed the video card because I didn't need it and it is too loud.

After that the system wouldn't complete the boot process. The box wasn't responding to pings and the web interface wasn't accessible any more.

I added the video card back in and then it booted properly.
I unchecked "Enable Console Menu" and checked "Use serial console" and then took out the video card again and the box did boot properly.

I think it would be good to enable FreeNAS to boot when there is no video card even it the "console Menu" is enabled.

Second issue:

I upgraded from BETA4 to RC1 and the box wouldn't come up again. I then tested the upgrade on different hardware with a console and I believe the upgrade ignores the "Enable Console Menu" selection.

I could be wrong about this.
I tested by saving my config from my USB drive and restoring it to an install on a new USB drive. After the config restore, I noticed that the "Enable Console Menu" was still checked. Incidentally, my "HTTPS" setting from the original config didn't come through either.

I suspect that the entire config isn't saved in the backup process. I'm not sure if you do save the SSL certificate in the config backup and restore, but that would be a good idea too.

Finally, two points of feedback.
1. I'm a long time pfsense user and it's super nice that the config is human readable text when you save a backup of it, (and from the command line too.) That way you can fix errors that might occur in the config.
2. It might be nice to do config backup, restore, and firmware update from the command line and/or console menu (oh, and to find out what version you're running and which slice from the command line or console too.) In pfsense, there's a script in /etc/ called "version" and you can get the version from that. Good for checking if an upgrade succeeded.

Thanks for reading,

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