Hi all,
here is FreeNAS 0.66 (bug fix only).

Minors news features:
- Upgraded to FreeBSD 6.1 RC #12
- Added:Broadcom NetXtreme II (BCM5706/BCM5708) PCI/PCIe Gigabit Ethernet adapter driver
- Added FreeBSD version on the main page (Thanks to Stephan)
- Add iSCSI diagnostic page (usefull for display the list of target name)
- Permit to mount more than 1 partition for the same hard drive
- Permit to use number in the login name
- Add CIFS Buffer configuration option
- Added Smartd and daemon on the syslog setting page

List of bugs fixed:
- Some typo fixed (Thanks to Stephan)
- Hide the domain admin password (on the web gui and on the diag page)
- Fixed: Add the 'scp' tools (forget to add it)
- Fixed a bug when editing user: the 'full shell' check box was missing
- Fixed the log clear of SSH part
- Fixed the AFP checkbox problem with some browser
- Fixed the tune value parameter (inversed)
- Fixed: AAC and APM desc inversed
- Fixed: Permit to use '-' and '_' character in sharename
- Fixed: The bad umount script for shutdown and reboot (still a problem for the shared data partition)
- Fixed: The disable beep feature (Thanks to Slavon)
- Fixed: Wrong display of RAID disk (Thanks to Slavon)



Olivier Cochard
FreeNAS main developer
Skype: callto://ocochard