Hi all,
Here is a "bugs fixes" oriented release.

Warning for creating a software RAID 5 volume (there is a bug somewhere):
- Create and format your RAID5 volume
- Put a small file on this volume
- Reboot the PC
- Check that the volume is correctly mounted and working.
If not: re-format the volume,reboot and re-check.

Here are the MD5 checksum:
MD5 (FreeNAS-0.64.tgz) = f607489b1239394e2ffb559d929caea5
MD5 (FreeNAS-0.64.iso) = 0398b0d1d84aaac8cad5982de2424b64
MD5 (FreeNAS-generic-pc-0.64.img) = 050df771a061c347023dce7ffbe3534a

Bug fixes:
- Fixed the read-only UFS disks
- Fixed the asian support for CIFS share
- Fixed some tipos in the WebGUI
- Used a valided method for creating software RAID volume (but still same problem with software RAID 5)
- Minors enhancement in status:system page



Olivier Cochard
FreeNAS main developer
Skype: callto://ocochard