Hi all,
Here is the released 0.63:

Adding SSH (for SCP) dameon, RSYNC synchronisation between  two or more FreeNAS box and lot's of bugs.

Know bug:
About the RSYNC client: when you save the time, the display is   incorrect (but it's only the display).

MD5 (FreeNAS-0.63.iso) = d40c6074f47f7638af3817623071575f
MD5 (FreeNAS-063.tgz) = 96c255faf224db03ae9a141bef1e25d2
MD5 (FreeNAS-generic-pc-0.63.img) = 0bc308d1a653ca0a0c7ebcff1a3fcd77

New features:
- Changed the default IP address to:
- Upgrading FreeBSD version from 6.0 to 6.1 Pre-release
- Replaced the fwe (non standard Firewire on ethernet) drivers by the fwip (standard IP on firewire)
- Included the Firmware Module for Qlogic based SCSI and FibreChannel SCSI Host
Adapters in the kernel
- Add SSH daemon that permit SCP only (by using scponly shell)
Warning: Actualy scponly is not chrooted, then ssh users can read the config file with clear password
- Add Cron/Rsync client: Permit to schedule RSYNC file synchronisation with another FreeNAS box (one master, and lot's of clients).
About the SYNC between two FreeNAS box, You must have the same share name on the box. Actually the rsync server reachability is not checked.
- Add text editor: nano (more easy for playing with FreeNAS!)
- Upgrade vsftpd from 2.0.3 to 2.0.4
- A little more intelligent mount script (check filesystem only if there is a problem)
- Adding the 'load average' information on the status page (Request Id: 1442490)
- Adding an option for shutdown from the console (Request Id: 1433067)
- Add e2fsck (ext2/ext3 filesystem check tools)

Bugs fixed:
- Fixed the FTP bug that permit the user going to the / folder (chrooting vsftpd)
- Remove the link0 options for fxp drivers (seem create problem with some users)
- Prevent using the reserved system login name (bug n1433691)
- Prevent adding the system partition on the disk:mount point list
- No more error message "no config file found" when the image file is directly written on CF or hard drive. (bug n 1424451)
- FAT volume are now mounted in read/write (chmod 777) for all services(bug n 1400583 )
- Share/Mount Name and Description Error checking (bug n1433339)
- Mount share not sorted (Request Id: 1442332)
- Error message "This group already exists in the group list" when editing group (bug n1443102)
- Rsync log works now (bug n1437039)
- Editing user prevent starting WebGUI (bug n1443403)

- setting kernels variables to:

.... It's all...


Olivier Cochard
FreeNAS main developer
Skype: callto://ocochard