Hi all!

Here is the FreeNAS 0.5 with Software RAID (0,1 and 5):

New features:
- Software RAID with gvinum...need to be more tested (have a little problem with RAID 1 and soft reboot)
- S.M.A.R.T support (only logging actualy) with smartmontools (feature n1368868)
- ext2 filesystem support...need to be more tested (feature n1385882)
- Playing few notes after startup and reboot (feature n1373316)
- Removing the small boot menu (feature n1377592)

Bug resolved:
- Deleting file with FTP by replace pure-ftpd with vsftpd (bug n1367965)
- Displaying hardware RAID disk (bug n1373409)
- Call to undefined function in system_advanced (bug n1372744)
- NFS server doesn't works (bug n1372054)

Know bugs (WARNING!):
- When you delete a RAID volume, you must remove (with the RAID/Tools menu) all the object (especially the disks) used by this volume.
- RAID 1 volume doesn't correctly remount after a reboot, but works after a shutdown and power restart.

Project planning:
The release 0.6 will include user/group support.

Happy new year!!