Hi FreeNAS people,


I have been setting up CIFS shares on a FreeNAS 8.0.4 RELEASE p1 x64 (11059) box, with Active Directory integration in a corporate environment.


Everything nearly works, but I had a glitch with file permissions which I had to fix from the command line by running setfacl.  I didn’t expect to have to do this.


My ZFS dataset was created with permissions:

owner(user): root

owner(group): MYDOMAIN\Domain Admins  (from Active Directory)

mode: rwxrwxr-x

ACL: Windows

Set permission recursively: off


My problem was, while I could create directories from Windows on this share as a Domain Admin, I couldn’t set their security attributes (insufficient privilege).


My share was called win, so I logged in and did this:

# cd /mnt/invmds01

# getfacl win

# file: win

# owner: root

# group: MYDOMAIN\domain admins





So I made the group permission the same as the owner, as follows:


infernal# setfacl -m group@:rwxpDdaARWcCos:fd----:allow win


Following this, everything worked as I wanted, and my domain admins could create directories and fiddle with their permissions.


The permissions set by the GUI seem wrong to me.  Is this a bug?

If so, I can report it on your bug tracker if you want.






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