#89 new calendar layout (time management plugin)

Felix Heinrichs

This is a tiny patch to FreeMind (0.9.0_Beta15). It enhances some GUI issues
in the time management plugin. Mainly it is concerned with

* making the calendar view scrollable if no space is available to display it fully
* arranging the calendar displays differently

The new look puts the preview and review calendars (1 month forward, 1
backward) below the actual used calendar and shrinks them in size so they fit
beside each other.

View the attached screenshots for a first impression of what is different now.



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    I applied your patch, but I get the following ugly result. Can you try to find out, why?

    Sorry, Chris
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  • Any advances? Chris

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  • Sry, did not look into this for a long time.. I will check it and report back to you. Btw, congrats to the new release :).

  • Zip file containing the 2nd version of the patch

  • Ok, I uploaded a patch for the 0.9.0 release containing the relevant files. This should correct the issue (at least it does on my windows and ubuntu machine). The original problem was due to differences in the implementation of BorderLayout on Mac and Windows VMs. This version uses BoxLayout instead of BorderLayout and thus should not produce the ugly result you mentioned.

    Cheers, Felix
    File added: fmc-patch-v2.zip

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