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Daniel Polansky

The following Microsoft Windows laucher fixes the
problem that plugins were not found when FreeMind was
started by double-clicking a FreeMind mind map.

The launcher enables Java to eat as much as 256 MB of
memory. It features the butterfly icon, used in all
published versions of FreeMind.

The zip archive attached contains both the
Freemind.exe and the source files.


  • Microsoft Windows launcher for FreeMind

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    Hi Dan,

    as we have three patches concerning the launcher, please
    send a unified version to me. Thanks,


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    Hi Chris, I have deleted the obsolete patch, so there are
    now only two patches. This patch 1361629 is the same as the
    other remaining patch 1246974, just that it contains
    butterly icon rather than the new blue bulb icon. The other
    path is 1246974 -- "New Logotype Imagery and Windows
    launcher". Thus, should there be any release without the
    new icon (which I do not recommend), this patch is
    relevant; otherwise, the other patch is relevant. Regard,

  • Eric L.
    Eric L.

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    • summary: Windows launcher: plugins work if called from another folder --> Windows launcher - butterfly icon - plugins work
  • Update launcher, with both butterfly and light bulb icons, with the option for the butterfly icon to take the "javaw.exe" fro "jre\bin\javaw.exe".

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    I am uploading an updated Windows launcher. It contains three executables:

    1. with butterfly icon
    2. with butterfly icon, running Java from "jre\bin\javaw.exe"
    3. with light bulb icon.

    The source code and all the files needed for compilation are included.
    File Added: windows-launcher-2008-03-01.zip

    • summary: Windows launcher - butterfly icon - plugins work --> Windows launcher
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    Thank you, Dan.

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  • Hi Dan,
    I think, that this was integrated a long time ago. Regards, Chris