Dear all,

recently, I removed commons-lang from FreeMind as it was only used in a single file and this usage wasn't difficult to replace.

HTH, Chris

Am 04.12.10 14:06, schrieb Eric Lavarde:

on the remark from Dimitry that going from GPLv2 to GPLv3 in order to avoid incompatibility with Apache 2.0, we create an incompatibility with GPLv2 is a very good remark, which I didn't think about.


Anyway, I've decided to ask the question and then we'll know...


On 03/12/10 13:16, Dan Polansky wrote:

Hello Dimitry,

regarding the use of Apache Commons Lang

(, licensed under Apache 2.0) in
FreeMind core: I did not realize this was the case. On one hand, that
is not so nice: it means that even a minimal distribution of FreeMind
has to make use of GPL V3 present in GPL V2+. OTOH, licensing FreeMind
core under GPL V2+ has still the advantage that anyone can take a
method or a class from the core and use it in a program licensed under
GPL V2, perhaps in a modified form.

Be it as it may, even the use of Apache Commons Lang in FreeMind core

creates no licensing incompatibility as far as I can see, because of
the presence of GPL V3 within GPL V2+.

The migration from GPL V2+ to GPL V3+ would really be just dropping

the "GPL V2" term from the open-ended sum "GPL V2 + GPL V3 + GPL V4 +
...", making it harder to take new changes to the code over to
programs that are licensed only under GPL V2. What has been already
released under GPL V2+ remains so; there is no way one can retract a
license that one has already granted, as far as I know.

On a related note, if you decide to integrate a GPL V3 component into

Freeplane, be aware that you thereby constrain the resulting
combination from GPL V3+ to GPL V3 without the plus, given the
assumption that dynamic linking is permeable to GPL requirements. This
assumption seems to be the position of FSF, but it is ultimately up to
the courts to accept or reject the assuption.

Best regards,



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