Dear Dimitry,

ad 1: we had a lot of trouble with icons. I'm still thinking about this one (basically I have to see it in the application itself to decide).
 * is the license ok for us?
 * do we have a splash screen?
 * who does the mac icon?

ad 2: reaction is given. Cloning is off topic for 0.9.0 (but this was already clear).

ad 3: reactions are given to both you and the guy.

ad 4: I would like you and Eric (if you like) to collect the bugs and to assign priorities to them.
I think, that they have to be treated systematically. After that, we see, who can implement what.
As you probably have seen, I've started to process some of them.

Moreover, I would like you to keep calm, if you don't get a reaction in two days from me. I'm not a service
and I don't think, that your points have time pressure (like my baby, that certainly doesn't understand a minute delay).

Regards, Chris

Dimitry Polivaev schrieb:

I congratulate Chris with his new position ("FreeMind Director"). I wish 
you do good job integrating peoples and taking decisions. In the past we 
have some troubles with it, and some points still should be resolved. I 
would like to point your attention to them in this mail.

1. The new icon.

Personally I like it very much. I am not the project manager. Further I 
can understand Kassetra's dissapointment quite well: he has committed 
his proposal in December 2007, and he has adjusted some colors, and he 
has waited for the decision. No decision has been taken, and now after 
getting another icon we just perform the same play: the new author has 
been asked to do some color improvements, but no decision has been taken 
and there is no procedure for it. And the designated director Chris just 
seems to oversee the mails.

Let me quote a Eric's mail  written on the 8th December 2007:

But I'd like to say that we have a problem taking decisions (and not only for the logo). 

2. In addition to the icons we have got another contributions. We have 
got a patch with the cloned nodes.

There has been no reaction from the project team. I have not answered 
because I have learned that I am not allowed to speak on the name of the 
project. But there should be somebody allowed to speak and willing to 
speak. Not reacting to significant contributions and missing 
communication can not the project development. And here I see the main 

3. There are people willing to contribute and become developers. Writing 
answer to such people is one of the basic responsibilities of the 
project admin which seems to be completely forgotten. For example see

Surely I can invite such people to my new project freeplane which is an 
attempt to completely rewrite FreeMind. Should I really do so?

4. There are numerous user suggestions and it seems that nobody collects 
them, classifies them and decides on them. Even the bug reports have not 
been systematically evaluated.

Because of the all facts described above I would like to ask Chris to 
get back to his new director role assuming a big part of communication, 
integration and coordination, or to delegate it to other persons like 
Eric and me giving us all necessary rights and authorizations.

Best regards, Dimitry

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