This is a very nice, and professionally done, image, but it might stray a bit too far from the icon we've been using. While it's still a butterfly, the wing shape is quite different, and the colors are very different. (I won't argue too much about color. I've been told my taste in colors is horrible. :) ) One thing that can be said about the current icon is that it is very distinctive.

I like the idea of a generic butterfly, rather than of of a distinctive species. That way, we can perhaps use species names as our working names for releases: 0.9.0 might be Viceroy. The eventual 1.0 release might be Monarch. Others might be Tiger or Swallowtail, with a modified version of the icon used on file icons.

I think I've mentioned before that I'm working on a promotional video for FreeMind, just a fun little animated thing that was can put on YouTube. The current script for the animation is as follows:

Scene opens with a display of a round plaque on a wall that reads:

  The Usual Way:
Word Processors
Presentation Pkgs

The wall is a plain light blue, almost gray, stucco. The plaque is lit from above with a spot light.

The plaque falls from the wall. The camera follows it down. The plaque bounces, with a big boom, and the walls start to fall outward. The plaque spins around like a coin, and falls down with the back facing up. Beyond the walls is a beautiful view from the top of a mountain.

On the back of the plaque is the FreeMind icon.
The back of the plaque irises open to reveal a Monarch butterfly, which is raised to the top.

The Monarch butterfly flies up in a spiral, with a glowing path behind it. As the butterfly disappears out of the top of the screen, the spiral starts to fade, and a tree trunk fades in, in it's place. The top of the tree trunk contains a large pod.

The pod starts to grow. The camera zooms out for a wider view. The tree trunk, which has grown out of the plaque, is growing roots out of the plaque and into the floor.

Once the pod gets about twice the size it started, four leaves that were covering it fall away, revealing a glass oval containing the word "FreeMind" which is glowing.

Now two branches grow out from this oval, in opposite directions. Each sweeps up a bit, like the bezier links in our mind maps, and forms a new bud, which opens to reveal a node. Each node says something about FreeMind. I haven't worked out what each node will say, yet. I welcome input.

The "tree" will grow into a small mind map in 3D, that explains a bit about FreeMind.

My working title is "Free Your Mind."

I can't guarantee I'll finish. There's a lot to do and I have a lot to learn, but it's fun to play with. I'm hoping I do finish and the video helps make people aware of our little project.


Dimitry Polivaev wrote:
The last icon from Kass

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