I'm not as familiar with the UML tools. If we can't find an open source tool, we might be able to get one of the proprietary tool companies to give us a license, since we're open source. A lot of companies do that, since the understand that the programmers who work on open source are usually professional programmers, and that those involved in open source are usually influential in the companies where they work.


P.S.: I'll do some looking today.

Dimitry Polivaev wrote:

I think that the use of a tool like Crucible might help in working with 
Chris. It would allow you to discuss code asynchronously, like using 
email, rather than IM. I don't know if Crucible is the right tool.

I am not sure whether the tool supporting code reviews can assist for 
general discussions of design: the code is just another detail level.

I would like to have a good uml tool supporting reverse engineering 
(creating uml diagrams from code), but omondo UML eclipse plug-in is not 
stable (I have tried it, it has refused to draw inheritance arrows and 
has produced many exceptions and so on) and all other tools I know are 
not free.

Any ideas?


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