If Chris is a bottleneck, we need to find ways to make it easier for him. Chris, if you have suggestions as to how we can help you, please speak up. Perhaps there is some work you can parcel out?

I think that the use of a tool like Crucible might help in working with Chris. It would allow you to discuss code asynchronously, like using email, rather than IM. I don't know if Crucible is the right tool. My wife has decided against it and is trying another that is similar. I'll try to get the info on it from her tomorrow. She felt that Crucible was too resource intensive, but liked the basic idea enough to review all the other such tools she could find.


Dimitry Polivaev wrote:
Hello Dan,

I wonder whether we should create a bug-fix release of FreeMind 0.8.0, 
numbered 0.8.1. The main issue to be fixed would be the one with the 
program not working on Java 1.6.0. 

I think that the bugs around the Java 1.6.0  can be fixed relatively 
easy. I am aware only about two problem places: in the preferences 
dialog and in the encrypted nodes / maps. So if you want to test it, I 
could implement the fix.

Further I am afraid that the "three months" are too optimistic forecast 
because Chris never has time, neither for the bug fixes nor for 
meetings, chats or talks. This way nobody can help him to solve his issues.


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