I think this is one of the areas this team can improve on. I thoroughly approve of Dimitry's efforts to put together a roadmap that describes how the team believes FreeMind is going to change, as we move forward. A roadmap isn't cast in stone. The idea is to update it as things change. It's especially important to discuss architectural changes, so we can be sure everyone understands how things are changing and has a chance to comment on important changes.

Because we aren't all equally fluent in English, I think it's also a good idea to think about doing peer reviews of important code changes. There's a tool called Crucible, http://www.atlassian.com/software/crucible/, that I think might help us in this area. I believe I've already mentioned it here or to Dan directly. It is available to open source projects like ourselves, free of charge. By using it, we can all see and discuss changes that are being made.


Eric Lavarde wrote:
Hi Chris,

Christian Foltin wrote:
I'm going to try to realize more of this decouplings in the future
(I've already started, if you look at some of the new dialogs
(perhaps the script editor), which can be tested stand-alone).
If you're going to change the structure/design/architecture of the 
FreeMind, wouldn't it be good that you involve us somewhat in your 
plans, so that we at least know about it before they possibly impact our 
part, and are able to react?

I know you're not a big communicator, Chris :-), and I accept this, but 
this kind of things is important for the community.

Thanks, Eric

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