Hopefully, we can clear out the remaining bugs quickly on Beta15. I'll try to make more time to actually do some testing on this pass. Between all my other stuff and mother getting sick, life has been way more exciting than I need it to be.


Christian Foltin wrote:

I'll try to create beta15...

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the conversation stopped here, so: do we release RC1 or not? And if not,
what is the trigger to do so?
Chris, I know you're busy but your decision is greatly needed here as

Thanks, Eric

Dimitry Polivaev said:
Hi Dan,

I do not see the logic behind: the sooner you send the new bug reports
the earlier I can do the fixes concerning my responsibility area.
Currently I can do just nothing about the already reported bugs. Any new
bug reports are welcome.


A great majority of the bugs I
have reported should be fixed before I will send next batch of bug

Best reggards,
Eric de France, d'Allemagne et de Navarre

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